Monday, March 7, 2011

What would your ideal job be?

It can be anything from a business tycoon to a carpenter, and lets take for instance that money and power is included with anything you do so you don't base your dream job on the salary range. What is your true passion that you would like to make a profession?

I ask this because I believe few people my age range (18-24) know exactly what they want and what fuels them. What did you do to find your drive?


  1. Journalist and writing Gonzo Columns :)

  2. i want to be a zillionaire. :)
    done$, return favour bro. :D

  3. My ideal job is a composer :)

  4. being now 35...I've still no idea what I want to do when I grow up...or what my ideal job would be...maybe a women's swim wear designer.

    My drive came from 'fixing things' it started with tech support for an Internet service provider and has ended up running IT projects and process engineering (six sigma/lean etc etc). The titles get fancier but all I'm doing is fixing things

  5. I'd love to act for a tv show or in movies. But for now, my ideal job is standing and getting paid to do so.