Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Been a while

Having made this blog to basically spew out whatever I thought was interesting I'm considering getting back into it but in order to do this I need a theme. Being that my previous posts were mostly about current events and interesting things going on I figure I'll continue that pattern by reporting current news.

"2014: The year we pulled out"

Looking at the world today one interesting topic has to do with the US and war, more specifically with Afghanistan. Going on since 2001 the primary driver for the war was the attacks on September 11 that brought the Twin Towers to the ground, since then the government has spent 4-6 billion dollars a month sustaining this war. Sharing some good news, the Obama administration has decided to remove all troops from Afghanistan by 2014 and is scheduled to meet with the Afghan President on Friday. Contending both sides, on the one hand removing our troops will save us a large chunk of the 4-6 billion wasted every month that can go towards either managing this ridiculous debt the country has gotten itself into or improving our infrastructure. Looking at the negatives of removing troops, many believe that doing so will only weaken the Afghan National Security Forces making it easier for Al-Qaeda to operate within the country. Whether we choose to withdraw completely or keep some troops to assist the Afghans, one thing is certain and that is that if we don't pull out of Afghanistan eventually we'll end up as broke as when the Soviet Union decided to invade Afghanistan in 1979 finally having to pull out 10 years later.

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