Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So we're in a recession and you smoke cigarettes...

I used to be in the same shoes as yourself, if you're reading this and currently smoke cigarettes. With our unemployment rate rising by the hour and cigarette prices going up just as fast you have to ask yourself if it's worth smoking anymore. In the beginning of December I have started to quit smoking, not for health reasons (which should have been why) but for financial reasons, I could not afford to buy a pack of smokes everyday which ran me about $6 in Florida but I have seen it go up to $8-$10 in New York. Since quitting I have saved a total of $140 bucks and I have never felt better, my sense of smell has improved my teeth are no longer stained and I never smell like cigarettes anymore. I have to admit that quitting yielded the best results versus smoking.

In the end consider this, what does a cigarette relive? A friend of mine once told me "we only smoke cigarettes to relive the need of a cigarette, no other reason than that".


  1. I agree 100%
    absolutely no point in smoking, even with the prices going up

  2. But smoking is cool, and you know it.

  3. he smokes marlboro reds too, and i bet his cigs arnt laced with firesafe bullshit

  4. He's trying to quite son, give a black man a chance.

  5. He keeps it under wraps pretty good.
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  7. Smoking was never worth it.

  8. Smoking is bad!

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  9. I'm still smoking haven't found the urge to quit yet!

    The quote at the end, guy sounds like a genius.

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  10. Smoking is expensive .. but it makes you look kinda cool.

    Also fucks you up. Maybe that's a decent trade-off for some people.
    The taste kinda sucks anyway.


  11. I don't smoke, so I think I'm okay...

  12. I'm doing the same thing. Quitting to save money. Not doing so hot so far...

  13. Good for you; smoking is really bad for you.
    And it sure does cost a lot! :S

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  14. I'm lucky that I never got addicted to nicotine. I have a friend that I managed to convince to stop smoking though. Well, I guess Allen Carr did it, not me, but I told him about the video.