Monday, January 24, 2011

STATE VS COUNTRY, which has more power?

Today I was in my State and Local government class and a discussion on the State and Federal levels was had.
Normally we look at the Federal Level and picture them fixing on the problems, my question to you is how much do you know of your states government? Did you know that each state has their own constitution that is byfar longer than The United States constitution. Well they do and in it they cover everything that deals with the duties powers and structures of the State.

In addition, also realize that the state has more power than the federal government and instead of just voting for the president find some awareness in what Is happening in your state because truly the state's representatives are the only ones who will care about the place you're living in unless you live in Washington D.C in which case the national government is your concern.


  1. Damn I didnt know this!!! Great Post!!

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  2. this is very true but people will always assume that prominent figures have more power and authority.

  3. But state cant print money, the country can. And money is power!

  4. I had no idea the state has more power than the government! very informative stuff :)

  5. interesting stuff mate, followed!

  6. Good post - it always surprises me how united the US is. Over here in the UK we're always pushing to be independent of England